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Behind the scene

Eatchakan and Serbit foods.

Eatchakan is the end market of Serbit foods.

Serbit Foods is a small business enterprise that manufactures Processed homemade meat. It started with selling siomai to friends and acquaintances. The business grows with the help of social media, they communicate and place orders using facebook messenger.

Serbit Foods and Eatchakan are owned, managed and served by Bernal Brothers, commonly known as B2 and B3.  They learned the recipe from their mother who on the other hand makes homemade longganisa from the excess meat they are selling for their living. They were selling independently and decided to join forces and started the Serbit Foods.

What makes Eatchakan unique

Eatchakan is serving meals using their own homemade processed meat. Their processed meat has undergone a classic way of preservation, however, with fewer preservatives and the beef/pork they use were all fresh.

The name Eatchakan

Bernal brothers come up with Eatchakan as a combination of Eat; Cha is a Chinese-inspired Filipino urban term means Eat; Kan is the last syllable of Bikol term “Kakan” means Eat as well. The term Eatchakan is more appealing since it is a naughty gay lingo, moreover, some of their menus have an equivalent naughty term.


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