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About Us

What is Purpose…

Mother knows best as the old saying said, and as old as our processed food we offer, the recipe was the only inheritance we had from our mother. Using natural ways of preserving meat, we started selling homemade siomai.  Our purpose of not just for our source of living but to provide the best alternative for commercialized processed food.

“Purpose is what creates true happiness”

What is perseverance…

Starting from selling online siomai to friends and acquaintances through social media, Serbit Foods was Realized and venture other variety of processed meat. From a lone table in RJ village, Canaman, was shut down, but we manage to open again in Magsaysay Avenue with a name, EatchakanIt operates for 8 months and didn’t take long and it was again shut down. We stand up again opening in Barlin, capitalizing on the experiences we had. It never crossed a 1-year mark, we were down again. Finally, picking up ourselves and stand strong has been part of our principle. We opened a new bigger and cushy deli. Before we came to where we are now,  we were down 3 times and we stand up four times.

“The greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail” – M. Zuckerberg

What is Determination…

Eatchakan realizes a Purposeful end market of Serbit Foods. We are doing a wide technique of cooking to divulge the flavor of homemade food. Eatchakan offers varieties of opinionated alternative for processed food. We live by our purpose as what is perseverance without purpose. The customers greatly love our Assertive way that defines our end. We understand that eating in a cozy restaurant just to satisfy our cravings really costs a lot, or preparing your homemade cooking could be tedious. Eatchakan offers not just a recourse to the expensive restaurant but totally, we present a Decisive modest meal for your family. Everyone enjoys a Home-cooked meal and we deliver.

Serbit Foods and eatchakan is continuously striving for better and consistent quality of meat products indulging an appetizing cuisine. There is no other healthier alternative than the fresh meat and we are close to it. We meticulously pick the freshest meat for our product. Eatchakan brings the best quality food and Goal-oriented in doing so. From 2015, we live to serve you the best meal everyday. The bond we have for service are like brothers, We manufacture, we promote and we serve.

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” – Vince Lombardi