Eatchakan Best in City of Naga

Eat… Love… Share…

Eatchakan… who we are.

We established and created our own name in the food industry in Naga City an Maogmang Lugar. Little by little from the bottom, we climbed up, We know who we are, and we master it!

LEAD THE WAY… serving fast yet good food.

World’s everyday life is getting busier and faster. We envision of providing food in every table, in every meal tagged as fast food and yet good food in Naga City. With a classic style delivering a savory taste for the welfare of everyone’s need.


Good food, good life. Nothing is better than being with Family and Friends eating good food. We serve it; Food to eat, a good food to enjoy.


A better life, a longer life. Eatchakan serves you a day to day food to share in every meal. A less preservative processed meat in every table, for everyone to flourish and sustain a better living.


In a world full of enhancement, gives us an easy lifestyle but a shorter existence. That should not be the case in the food we eat. Food should sustain life, it should provide us the strength to go through in our everyday life. With SERBIT FOODS, your well-being is our priority. We are what we eat.